We Tested Viral Tik Tok Hacks to see if they worked - Merrell Twins

24 ნოე 2020-ში
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We tried these viral Tik Tok hacks to see if they really work! What other hacks do you want to see us try?
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among us live twinner gameplay

  • Nay for the leggings-shirt

    Tanvi K MTanvi K M5 საათის წინ
  • The skittles look cool. I love the shirt you guys make its cute. When your boodie its was big and funny. Your slushy looks delicus but its not solt got in it.

    Amori BennettAmori Bennett8 საათის წინ
  • yay or nay yayy when i first started watching i was lke OooO i like ronis shirt

    Keilani NelsonKeilani Nelson12 საათის წინ
  • “Would you ever wear this out in public cause’ I should wouldn’t “

    Miss Skylar FischMiss Skylar Fisch14 საათის წინ
  • I agree

    Miss Skylar FischMiss Skylar Fisch14 საათის წინ
  • Hahahahah

    Daisy BatesDaisy Batesდღის წინ
  • I love yo guys

    Daisy BatesDaisy Batesდღის წინ
  • It's a yay👍

    Yogie RamirezYogie Ramirezდღის წინ
  • Paul Was Hilarious (2021?)

    Rory Colin TaylorRory Colin Taylor2 დღის წინ
  • more tiktok hacks it was fun

    Unaisah SheikhUnaisah Sheikh4 დღის წინ
  • did Nessa farted

    rangus41rangus414 დღის წინ
  • I can’t get over the fact that the merrell twins get the skittles in see through plastic bags!!

    Peach And creamPeach And cream4 დღის წინ
  • Honestly this made my bad day a lot better. Love y'all ❤️

    Fatima KhanFatima Khan5 დღის წინ
  • The lips one worked. You just need to have big lips from the start. 😞

    BrandxiiBrandxii5 დღის წინ
  • Iv been a subscriber for 6 years now!!

    Cristy SwigerCristy Swiger6 დღის წინ
    • Today is exactly year 6

      Cristy SwigerCristy Swiger6 დღის წინ
  • 2:30 The way she said ‘ my skittles’ is sooo cute 🥰

    Jaladhi PatelJaladhi Patel7 დღის წინ
  • You too are pretty

    empress parohinogempress parohinog8 დღის წინ
  • Wow

    empress parohinogempress parohinog8 დღის წინ
  • Yes ilike that

    empress parohinogempress parohinog8 დღის წინ
  • Nessa where is your new iphone xr

    Zul AimanZul Aiman10 დღის წინ
  • a yeh

    Cory & Tonya CollinsCory & Tonya Collins10 დღის წინ
  • “Roni being a baby” also roni is 23 lol not hate😂

    teresa ferriteresa ferri12 დღის წინ
    • But don’t you think that they are kinda baby’s I am just sayin🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

      teresa ferriteresa ferri12 დღის წინ
    • When she said mine did not work I am so sad 😢🥺

      teresa ferriteresa ferri12 დღის წინ
  • Roni: I feel like this is low key easy... Roni again: *misses the measurement glass* Roni: well... I CANT LMAO 😂

    Emma AshEmma Ash12 დღის წინ
  • Slits on the sleeves that the shirt that they made I have a dress just like that

    Elaine JohnsonElaine Johnson12 დღის წინ
  • 14:37 one of the most natural squeaks ever

    Dennis KruseDennis Kruse12 დღის წინ
  • The eyelashes ‘hack’ reminded me of the grinch

    Amilah_09Amilah_0913 დღის წინ
  • I cant not notice the obvious section of ronis hair that is bluntly cut a clean inch shorter than the rest.

    Adam MarchandAdam Marchand14 დღის წინ
  • how are they 24?

    Marie SedanoMarie Sedano14 დღის წინ
  • Yay

    Wafida RedhuanWafida Redhuan15 დღის წინ
  • only me that thought the pant shirt was fire 🔥

    NieveNieve15 დღის წინ
  • I try the ice and salt before and it really works it's taste so so so good but it's better to put in the fridge because are wasting salt and ice

    Wong Yu LingWong Yu Ling15 დღის წინ
  • they look a like donalyn bartolome

    Jerby HabanJerby Haban16 დღის წინ
  • Yay

    Mara CastilloMara Castillo16 დღის წინ
  • for the top yay its soooooo cute

    Matilda RookesMatilda Rookes17 დღის წინ
  • Nessa: it will sure bring smiles to our faces also Nessa: meh face Roni: its sure not bringing a smile to my face a second later: WHOA

    Amanda SylvaAmanda Sylva18 დღის წინ
  • My favorite was the skittles hack, seems like fun!

    Uroli AmukapemuUroli Amukapemu18 დღის წინ
  • Use a thinner head band

    Year 3Year 319 დღის წინ
  • Yeah we did good (roni leaving nessa)

    Suzanne TeeterSuzanne Teeter19 დღის წინ
  • how is everything body this satday 20 21

    Denise ossmanDenise ossman20 დღის წინ
  • Nessa how did you get your to stay !? Roni I’m not telling I’m not telling . Roni’s air plane breaks* me that is what you get for being mean

    Moonlight _888Moonlight _88820 დღის წინ
  • I would wear it

    Aleigha CurtisAleigha Curtis21 დღის წინ
  • yahnei

    Michael BarryMichael Barry21 დღის წინ
  • No one: Roni: How Do yOu tIE YoUr UpPPEr LiP

    Makenna’s ChannelMakenna’s Channel21 დღის წინ
  • Veronica your spider didn’t look like a spider because it is missing 2 legs haha big love for you both

    Tamara LemosTamara Lemos22 დღის წინ
  • Yay I actually like the diy top made out of leggings it’s kinda cute tho

    Daily dose of RobloxDaily dose of Roblox22 დღის წინ
  • I thought they didn’t say bad words

    Ava BrownAva Brown22 დღის წინ
  • 4:02

    Lisa SparklesLisa Sparkles22 დღის წინ
  • 😂 lol

    Lisa SparklesLisa Sparkles22 დღის წინ
  • Wasted 10 minutes of my life. -Roni Merrell

    Amy HughesAmy Hughes22 დღის წინ
    • 2020

      Amy HughesAmy Hughes22 დღის წინ
  • NAY!!!!

    Amy HughesAmy Hughes22 დღის წინ
  • When Veronica said oh no my skittles her voice sounded like Miranda sings 👁👅👁😅😂🤣 Lol

    Danica’s EditsDanica’s Edits23 დღის წინ
  • I LOVE YA'LL btw I have a twin too

    Caroline EatonCaroline Eaton23 დღის წინ
  • it works i tried it

    Bailey UnashBailey Unash23 დღის წინ
  • Nay

    Abigail MartinAbigail Martin23 დღის წინ
  • Yay

    Emily ChiengEmily Chieng23 დღის წინ
  • Before quarantine and covid, in the morning before i went to school i would put some orange juice into any cup and just put a coffee stirrer (bc that's all we had we had no Popsicle sticks XD) then just put the cup with the orange juice and stirrer in the frezzer, then when i got back home from school i could just go to my freezer and Bam! a homemade Popsicle :)

    _siimply Bonca__siimply Bonca_23 დღის წინ
  • It’s a mah I am on my dads account because I don’t have one

    koteshwar Bobbalakoteshwar Bobbala24 დღის წინ
  • i love your channel so much you make happy and when i watch your videos i laugh so hard

    Morgan DyckMorgan Dyck24 დღის წინ
  • nobody literally nobody no even tiger Roni: My Skittles 😔

    K i a n n aK i a n n a24 დღის წინ
  • please bring back the merrell twins logo at the end of the video🥺

    Hazel Mae AjedoHazel Mae Ajedo24 დღის წინ
  • The salty slushy would've been good for eat it or yeet it

    Nicholas OrtegaNicholas Ortega25 დღის წინ
  • I love this video so much

    Baby Scarlet GraceBaby Scarlet Grace25 დღის წინ
  • Content farming of 5 minute crafts and stuff, of course none of those worked, look up Ann Reardon videos to learn some things!

    Angie CAngie C25 დღის წინ
  • It a yay not a no it nice

    Simply CherrySimply Cherry25 დღის წინ
  • Nobody: Nessa: HelloOoO

    Zoha HaiderZoha Haider25 დღის წინ
  • Its blurry

    Mandy RhodesMandy Rhodes26 დღის წინ
  • Its good

    isab7070 isab7070isab7070 isab707026 დღის წინ
  • Umm someone has to tell Roni that a spider has 8 legs XD

    Jyn KokJyn Kok26 დღის წინ
  • I speak spanish look! hola como estas esty muy mal see

  • I wanna do the leggings hack 🤩

    Riley EllisRiley Ellis27 დღის წინ
  • yay it's cutee

    Samantha RodriguezSamantha Rodriguez27 დღის წინ
  • I totally didn’t laugh throughout this whole video I totally didn’t

    Directioner 11Directioner 1127 დღის წინ
  • Hey it was a nay

    Bella Lowe RaudalesBella Lowe Raudales27 დღის წინ
  • Nobody: Roni: mY skiTtLeS :c

    Ruby Lillian PotterRuby Lillian Potter28 დღის წინ
  • I'm only 8

    عالم ساري الرائع خ ط ا بعالم ساري الرائع خ ط ا ب28 დღის წინ
  • You were supposed to shake it for a bit. Then wait for 10 min. For the slushie one. SMH

    Alexia the Boba QueenAlexia the Boba Queen29 დღის წინ
  • 6:06 Me: laughing hahaha🤣🤣 Parents: stop winning u guys are 24 years old and ure winning woow

    Sihle SakhelaSihle Sakhela29 დღის წინ
  • 2:06 nessa and roni: the heck doesn't work Me: well u didnt bother try again to the ure lip uuugh

    Sihle SakhelaSihle Sakhela29 დღის წინ
  • RONI: mine didn't work😭💔 NESSA: look at mine its just swimming🤘😎 RONI: im so saaad😭😭😭

    Rainier CerdeñaRainier Cerdeña29 დღის წინ
  • Ronnie seems to be in a sad mood lol!!...Anyway lysm merrel twinz❤️

    Lihh's Arts and craftsLihh's Arts and crafts29 დღის წინ
  • ‘I feel like this is low-key easy’ *misses the jug* *slight laugh* ‘welllll...’

    SincastAlexSincastAlexთვის წინ
  • Is no one gonna talk about them cutting their hairs-

    Mîlktêå GâçhäMîlktêå Gâçhäთვის წინ
  • Veronica - Pull it moreeeeeee Vanessa - i cant Me - HAHAHAHEHEHEHEHE u cant pull ur lip moree do u want ur lip to detach or what

    Naayaab BhardwajaNaayaab Bhardwajaთვის წინ
  • “Yes”

    Elena ValadezElena Valadezთვის წინ
  • Who thought that the shirt that they made was cute

    Creatively MadeCreatively Madeთვის წინ
  • I think all the scittels are the best

    Lilly June’s roblox Gaming is lifeLilly June’s roblox Gaming is lifeთვის წინ
  • It's Roni's unlucky day in this video

    Trezelle IvyTrezelle Ivyთვის წინ
  • any one else notice nessa saying shut up many times i did like if you did

    secret seekersecret seekerთვის წინ
  • nay

    Vahida KhanVahida Khanთვის წინ
  • Your voice ....🥴

    I.maanneI.maanneთვის წინ
  • an even cooler thing then the skittles trick is putting milk in a bowl, then adding a few drops of food colouring randomly and then u dip a cotton bud in detergent and poke it in the milk. then the colour like flys out

    Senuthmi SenevirathnaSenuthmi Senevirathnaთვის წინ
  • Hi

    sreya batchalisreya batchaliთვის წინ
  • It yay

    Yvonne MarcosYvonne Marcosთვის წინ
  • 1:04

    Daniela MartinezDaniela Martinezთვის წინ
  • Maybe it don't work because you did not do it right lol also was the throw up rainbow

    Michael WilsonMichael Wilsonთვის წინ
  • 8:43 : Roni ; I can't do it im soooo weak 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 After Paul went away: roni ; Ohhhh I like this hack. 😁😁😁😁😁

    Emaan WaseemEmaan Waseemთვის წინ
  • My skittles 😔

    Skye HawleySkye Hawleyთვის წინ
  • All your videos are very funny

    Tara WachenheimTara Wachenheimთვის წინ
  • I love you guys you are so funny.I watch all your videos

    Tara WachenheimTara Wachenheimთვის წინ
  • you guys are the best GEworldrs eeeevvvvveve

    Tara WachenheimTara Wachenheimთვის წინ