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We tried popular TikTok challenges! Which challenge was your favorite?

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2 Sets of Twins Drive Thru Prank
Fans Write our Video
The Break Up
We’re identical twin sisters who have been consistently making videos since 2013. We post videos showcasing our range in both comedy and music such as original comedy sketches, original scripted series, original songs, original music videos, gaming videos, weekly live streams, weekly gaming livestreams, twin swaps, twin sister vs twin sister, popular song parodies, popular song covers, original funny songs, 24 hour challenges, popular challenges, popular trends, lifestyle, fashion, and much more!

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  • Nessa was like : ewwwwa ewwwwaaa 😂😂😂 sorry i just think it's funny

    Not HingNot Hing3 საათის წინ
  • roni looked so pretty in this video!! 😍

    Alida MarieAlida Marie6 საათის წინ
  • Roni such a good sister, but both are good siblings

    Sophia TranSophia Tran10 საათის წინ
  • I love how the m&m was a real human being like hahaha 😂😂😂😆

    Hope StarsHope Stars15 საათის წინ
  • Like they say money as if not too excited when i see more than 100 dollars i would scream till the roof caved in but they acted like it was causal i mean come on anyone else no no ok

    Hope StarsHope Stars15 საათის წინ
  • Like the say money as if not too excited when i see more than 100 dollars i would scream till the roof caved in but they acted like it was causal i mean come on anyone else no no ok

    Hope StarsHope Stars15 საათის წინ
  • im from india in india tik tok is banned poor indiaa

    Manna MariaManna Mariaდღის წინ
  • 10:25 *at this f-ed up.*

    Julienne MateoJulienne Mateoდღის წინ
  • You guys are so close to 6mil 🥰🥰🥰

    Sarah Baldwin-PottonSarah Baldwin-Potton2 დღის წინ
  • Nessa

    Liv KateLiv Kate2 დღის წინ
  • Omg

    Liv KateLiv Kate2 დღის წინ
  • Omg Jessa

    Liv KateLiv Kate2 დღის წინ
  • I can see them apart I can see who Toni is and Jessa is !!!!

    Liv KateLiv Kate2 დღის წინ
  • Roni said she didn't drink any water......... But technically Nessa didn't either.......

    rumaysa imaanrumaysa imaan2 დღის წინ
  • No one: No one ever: Nobody: Nessa: "Gotchuuuuuuu" *I do my little dancy dance* For those of you who don't know, that's a tiktok sound.

    rumaysa imaanrumaysa imaan2 დღის წინ
  • Me being really happy that i have the same container as the Merrell Twins :)))

    rumaysa imaanrumaysa imaan2 დღის წინ
  • No one: Nobody: No one ever: Nessa: "Yez :(....................... Yez :(("

    rumaysa imaanrumaysa imaan2 დღის წინ
  • I am in love with Vanessa's hair, makeup, outfit , and just her in general. She is such a nice person, she's so kind and funny! No hate to Veronica, she's also the best!

    rumaysa imaanrumaysa imaan2 დღის წინ
  • when Roni fell and she tried to catch the m&m was PRICELESS!

    Kameron LermaKameron Lerma3 დღის წინ
  • Do tiktok

    Michael ParrinoMichael Parrino3 დღის წინ
  • "MY CLAVICLE" lol

    Diya ShahDiya Shah3 დღის წინ
  • My little sister and I tried the egg slap thing and she slapped it so hard that a little yolk got on my shirt. It was hilarious though 😂

    AmaniAmani3 დღის წინ
  • bahahaha pause at 10:26! it's so funny!!!

    Eliana GomezEliana Gomez3 დღის წინ
  • 😍😍😍😍

    Nie que WilcoxxNie que Wilcoxx3 დღის წინ
  • Queen of tiktok ♥️

    Leida SilvaLeida Silva4 დღის წინ
  • MORE

    Kelsey CampbellKelsey Campbell4 დღის წინ
  • I love you guys! I’ve been going through some hard times and you guys have made that so much better for me, and made me laugh A LOT. Thank you!

    Zbug 16Zbug 164 დღის წინ
  • Yep i relate with nessa at first the lemon feels wild and tottaly sour but when you get used to it you'll crave for the sourness uhhhhh im shivering 😂

    Mary Arianne Joy BalarbarMary Arianne Joy Balarbar5 დღის წინ
  • No one: Roni: "I'm Sorry Egg!!! :(

    Aapti VivekanandanAapti Vivekanandan5 დღის წინ
  • Is it just me or do they just look like sisters and not twins

    Ashley GibsonAshley Gibson5 დღის წინ
  • That is so nice

    Trevis NarineTrevis Narine5 დღის წინ
  • No one Not even tiger Roni: I'm So SoRrY EgG 😂😂

    Horse loverHorse lover5 დღის წინ
  • Roni: "are you okay did you hurt yourself?" My siblings: "lol you bumped your head you deserve it"

    KitkatKitkat5 დღის წინ
  • Merrel twins: *laughing and having fun together* Me and my siblings: *literaly trying to kill each other*

    KitkatKitkat5 დღის წინ
  • How many times did Nessa say "Ewwww"?! lmaooo

    Alyssa DudarenokAlyssa Dudarenok6 დღის წინ
  • Omg they're like so adorable. Like 2:59. What is my life 😂😂

    kezia swan56kezia swan566 დღის წინ
  • That MNM one was hilarious!

    Lexie GullickLexie Gullick6 დღის წინ
  • No one: Absolutely no one: 3:45 Nessa: eww ugh eWwW uGh EWWW UGHHHHHH

    Rup's LifeRup's Life6 დღის წინ
  • When I am crying or sad I always watch you I love you guys so much 🥰🥰

    Joscelyn DanielJoscelyn Daniel6 დღის წინ
  • I highly advise putting the flip challenge on double speed! It's much more entertaining 😄

    Hannah MarieHannah Marie6 დღის წინ
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Monica S. PhillipsMonica S. Phillips6 დღის წინ
  • The channel ever

    Richell WhiteRichell White6 დღის წინ
  • Hi I'm a big fan of you

    Santa SoekhoeSanta Soekhoe6 დღის წინ
  • I was laghing so hard 9:43🤣😂

    Rebeca PachecoRebeca Pacheco7 დღის წინ
  • A big heart for merrell twins 💙

    Nidhi JekkiNidhi Jekki7 დღის წინ
  • Who’s been here since”pOoR rOni”

    Malia SalazarMalia Salazar7 დღის წინ
  • Pie in the face

    Vivienne DelgadoVivienne Delgado7 დღის წინ
  • 16:55 when i pretend that i am happy for my friend to pass but actually i am sad!!

    Tala RashidTala Rashid7 დღის წინ
  • Im fan of you

    Althea EleAlthea Ele8 დღის წინ
  • I follow both of you nessa and rani

    Deizy OlivaDeizy Oliva8 დღის წინ
  • I love how Nessa drank the hot sauce with her pinky up 😂

    PandiplayzPandiplayz8 დღის წინ
  • am i the only one who wanted them to refill the whipped cream?

    ava liangava liang8 დღის წინ
  • Such a good sister Roni splits the 200 dollars with Nessa.

    joannie ricejoannie rice8 დღის წინ
  • At 00:54 I was look at the comments and I thought it was loading click on the time to see

    Shahad IsmaelShahad Ismael8 დღის წინ
  • This was so fun to watch!!

    Th3 Madst3rTh3 Madst3r9 დღის წინ
  • you guys would hate that dish where it is like mozzarella w/ tomatoes and basil

    Mia FiorelliMia Fiorelli9 დღის წინ
  • Watch this video with the highest speed setting on, it’s so funny 😂😂😂

    DayDreamer RachelDayDreamer Rachel9 დღის წინ

    Noor khosaNoor khosa9 დღის წინ
  • I loved every challenge

    Paterson-Mukute ItoePaterson-Mukute Itoe9 დღის წინ
  • from 10:23 to 10:29 in 0.5 speed thank me later 🤩

    Wareesha FatimaWareesha Fatima10 დღის წინ
  • ok but Nessa's scream at 12:45

    Irushi WeerakoonIrushi Weerakoon10 დღის წინ
  • 13:51, doesn’t the cup look like it’s on the hot sauce

    Angie LAngie L10 დღის წინ
  • My favourite part was at the start when Nessa was going like “like we do the umm oh we do the like babababa dadadada” lol 😂😂😂😂😂

    ooolalaooolala10 დღის წინ
  • U guys inspire me so much. Ur my idols I look up to y’all like my big sister that I’ve never had and I’m so close to starting a GEworld channel. Y’all are amazing I love u so much I hope I get to meet u one day in-person and give u guys the biggest bear hug ever. De una niña hispana a otra, los amo y que Dios los bendiga de muchas maneras :) Translation(lol): from one hispanic girl to another i love u guys and may God bless you in many ways :)

    Panda LoverPanda Lover10 დღის წინ
  • Merrel twins:can you talk us apart whit out our dimmples Me:yes I use your forehead I’m not kidding

    Luna HermosilloLuna Hermosillo10 დღის წინ
  • Nessa:ArE YoU Ok? Roni:ummmm....I’m good.......

    Just memelikaJust memelika10 დღის წინ
  • Cool.

    Steve CorreiraSteve Correira10 დღის წინ
  • Omg halarious 🤣🤣🤣

    Emma xxEmma xx10 დღის წინ
    • Yep aha not replying to me own comment

      Emma xxEmma xx10 დღის წინ
  • Roni made the egg runny

    Michael GowingMichael Gowing10 დღის წინ
  • 10:24

    Destiny QuinterosDestiny Quinteros10 დღის წინ
  • 15:15 🤣🤣 This is how many times Roni said “Nooooo” and Nessa said “Ewwwah”! 👇🏼

    laci wellslaci wells10 დღის წინ
  • This is crazy lol I had fun watching this video😂😂😂

    kaysiann elliskaysiann ellis10 დღის წინ
  • For the flip cup challenge I don't think roni won yeah she beat nessa twice but the goal was to see who would have drank it first so I think Nessa won also isn't roni lactose intolerant but she loves cheese

    Zhaneka JonasZhaneka Jonas10 დღის წინ
  • Who here is telling your whole family to subscribe for the 6 Million song- Don’t be shy... No one e,she? Just me? Alright....

    Unicorn GirlUnicorn Girl11 დღის წინ
  • That cheese did not look good

    Pinnapplesandmango Coffee is amazingPinnapplesandmango Coffee is amazing11 დღის წინ
  • Omg Veronica Vanessa i am ur BIGGEST FAN ur videos r amazing and funny

    Pinnapplesandmango Coffee is amazingPinnapplesandmango Coffee is amazing11 დღის წინ
  • Hi Vanessa, and Veronica!!!! I'm sorry, but the table challenge, it won't work, i think you girls didn't realize that the m&ms are not completely round, bye.

    Gilbert AguilarGilbert Aguilar11 დღის წინ
  • Eww

    Izzy turner Roblox ProIzzy turner Roblox Pro11 დღის წინ
  • Dude that money is fake

    Paige GoddardPaige Goddard11 დღის წინ
  • I love your pran car also you

    garry woodsgarry woods11 დღის წინ
  • What is wrong with me

    The VO'sThe VO's11 დღის წინ
  • I love your vids so much you made me laugh so much time

    Sherzod BoalievSherzod Boaliev11 დღის წინ
  • I think Roni wins the m&m rolling challenge

    Brian StelzerBrian Stelzer11 დღის წინ
  • Omg whenever Roni says ‘Nessaaa’ the subtitles think she’s saying ‘messed up’ 😂

    Toca Boca Tips and Tricks with Eva!Toca Boca Tips and Tricks with Eva!11 დღის წინ
  • I love guys because you make smile everyday thank you so much

    Llavyy JainLlavyy Jain11 დღის წინ
  • Am I the only one who saw the boom mic at 3:47

    Addison CAddison C11 დღის წინ
  • Let’s see how many subs I will get with this comment

    Alyssa ChongAlyssa Chong12 დღის წინ
  • What the heck

    Lily HendersonLily Henderson12 დღის წინ
  • Please make more videos of merrell twins expose please and also love u vanessa and varonica love your videos!😏🥰😇

    Ali MusharrafAli Musharraf12 დღის წინ
  • everytime i eat a tomato a gag.

    Avy AlbertAvy Albert13 დღის წინ
  • Roni wants brownie points

    Darrick RandolphDarrick Randolph13 დღის წინ
  • They have the best sibling relationship like she felt bad for putting the whip cream close to her face like that is sister goals also love your vids you gujys are so funny🤍

    Izzy WellsIzzy Wells13 დღის წინ
  • I really miss watching them😭😂

    Anime_Thingz 101Anime_Thingz 10113 დღის წინ
  • The first moment I saw it I said in mah head O MAH GOD

    bousso nianebousso niane13 დღის წინ
  • Can we pls have prom knight season 2

    Dawud SarwarDawud Sarwar13 დღის წინ
  • 0:36 Nessa doing a kpop dance and as a kpop fan I really hope she knows it’s from a kpop group and not tiktok😭

    Rhiyanna CRhiyanna C13 დღის წინ
  • Nessa is cute when she say "Eww-aa"😅😊

    meley mechmeley mech13 დღის წინ
  • Hahaha It made me laugh! Thanks to the both of you. . Always made my day😍

    Vivian LayononVivian Layonon14 დღის წინ
  • Hey I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but I feel like Vanessa should start talking to Christian

    Lucas CressLucas Cress14 დღის წინ
  • Fun fact: goat cheese tastes like goats smell. Gross

    The_Irrelevant_FoxThe_Irrelevant_Fox14 დღის წინ